Monday, April 23, 2001

Venice! At long last the city of watery streets. It is stunning. There is no place you can look that wouldnt make a great picture. We spent the day shopping all over the city. Masks, glass, books, art it doesnt end. We also went to St. Marks Basilica (lots of gold and body parts of saints) and a huge Etruscan exhibit at a museum. Tommorow is the Doges palace and more. We sat in St Marks square today at the Cafe Florian drink very expensive coffee and listening to Vivaldi. At last I can say "Ah, to be in Venice in Springtime!" and actually mean it. I want to came back at Carnivale. It looks surreal and decadent. (In fact for quite a while it was TOO decadent, when Napolean came along he cancelled the TWO MONTH long event because it was debaucherous).

Well its off to a late dinner. Ciao!

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