Sunday, February 11, 2007

The mother of invention...

We're flying out soon and the last minute packing is almost done. Fly out shows are a bear. Weight is the enemy. Get the weight down while still taking enough to do the show. I ordered a heavy duty corset rack and will have it shipped right to the site. I plan on selling it after the event at a slight loss.

Then there were the 2 lightweight racks we use for skirts and shirts. I hadn't looked at them since last summer and when I did I found 1 piece of plastic missing, effectively making one rack useless. I went to buy another one at WalMart but it's no longer carried. The new cheapie racks suck. So it's off to the hardware store. Some copper tubing and a few conectors, about 20 minutes in the shop with a saw and a torch and the upgrade is complete. Didn't even set myself on fire. I added about 35 inches to the rack. Larger rack, fewer parts and everything will fit into the luggage.

I yearn for warmth.

My Clever plan....or not.

It seems that I now possess THREE pirate ships. Horay! That's a small fleet. Wohoo!

But wait, we seem to have a problem. These are a fairly low end radio controlled device, and as such, they all seem to operate on the same frequency, with no ability to select alternative frequencies. These ships won't fight so much as perform synchronised water ballet. Crap!

So now I need to crack one of them open to see if the chip that determines the ships control frequency can be swapped out. Any one here have a friend that knows about RC toys?