Thursday, May 08, 2008

No time! Must keep moving!

We are in lovely Hamburg. This is one clean country. Efficient and well maintained. Took a short Rhein cruise which convinced me that should we ever return we will take a longer one. Because we have a lot of ground to cover we cannot visit some small towns. Todaz, Berlin and some of their wonderful museums.

The group is mixed, I am, alas the youngest person on it. We have stayed at only modern hotels so far, a concession to American demands no doubt. Too bad, I would have like to try some grottty little local Gasthaus.

Limited web access. Most hotels try to rape you for it. Everything is pretty damn expensive. A coke, is 4 to 5 bucks. I need to get back to Turkey where the dollar has some punch. Gotta go, the bus is loading. The weather here is great. Spring is in full bloom and the rolling countyside is great.

More when I get a free moment. Onward, ever onward...