Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Too F-ing funny

Go look and laugh.

No worries

Over the past few years of posting here I suppose you have come to see that although I have a pretty cool livelyhood and I enjoy what I do, it certainly isn't all sunshine and lollypops or some kind of cakewalk. There are periods of intense work, ooften for little return. The economy continues to suck. Good shows are hard to come by.

But none of that was really the case last weekend. We drove down to North Carolina for the first weekend of their 2 weekend fair held at the state fairgrounds. The van worked fine, great weather going down. On arrival check in went without a hitch. Nothing was forgotten back at home. We were indoors, sheltered from any possible storms, but the weather was great. No sign of our nemesis, Beverle. We were across from a stage, but all the acts were good. The belly dance troups music was so good we found ourselves dancing around to it subconsciously. Sales were great for us. Saturday night we had dinner with the good folks from Griffin Works. Great Food.

On Sunday I walked the site and sat down on a bench to soak up the sun and listened to the birds singing. Just then a local choir did a warm up set nearby.

We enjoyed another great meal at a Mongolian Bar-B-Que called Crazy Fire and drove back on Monday. there was some rain, but nothing horrendous.

In short, it was a great weekend all around. I enjoyed doing it. I know that good story telling comes from conflict and adversity. There IS one more weekend to go and everything may well go to poop. But I'm happy to have had 2 great days. They remind me of why I love doing what I do.