Saturday, May 21, 2005

An internet stream of consciousness..

There are many keen things I can now do with my high speed access to the internets. It has nothing to do with downloading pRon or warez. Let me 'splain...

With broadband I can now engage in a kind of internet stream of consciousness. Beginning in one place with one goal and ending up somewhere completely unexpected. Last night I was over at where I learned about a Firefox browser extension called Greasemonkey. I installed it and then perused the many scripts that do cool things. One of the things it can do is make movies open up in media player rather than an ad riddled browser popup. I suddenly realize that I can now view streaming movies again and proceed over to ifilm where I see that fanboys are still producing Star Wars fan films. Sweet. I check out 'The art of the saber'. Holy crap this is cool! These two guys should be doing fight choreography for big budget movies. In the film, there is a haunting tune. The credits list it as J'attends by Gartoz A Ran (with the accompaniment of Lisa Gerard of Dead Can Dance). The song is from the soundtrack to Black Hawk Down. A hop over to shows that I can buy the soundtrack used for $12 bucks, but I am an impatient mas. itunes only has the audio book. A final search of Kazaa gives me nothing. Finally a google search leads me to a Semi-legal Russian mp3 site that the US record companies has been desperately trying to shut down with little success. I said a short prayer and charged $10 to my visa. Their selection is good but by no means exhaustive. But here's the kicker. I downloaded (at great speed) the entire soundtrack for about $1.50 in unrestricted mp3 format. (The site also does wma, mpeg4 and oog).

I have truly missed this kind of web journey. And while it can waste a massive amount of time it can also be quite rewarding. Anyone else do this? Leave a post.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Monday, May 16, 2005

Greasemonkey = 'The Bomb'

I just downloaded and have been playing with a firefox extension called Greasemonkey. Holy crap this thing is cool. It essentially allows people to write scripts that can reformat webpages on the fly as they are presented to you. For example; go look at just take a look at all those ads. Now install the no ad script for greasemonkey and refresh the page. Voila! No more ads. There are literally hundreds of scripts that do all manner of things, ad removal just happens to be the most helpful. I know, I know, many of these sites rely on ad revenue. But I honesty don't feel very guilty about it. The scripts can also be uninstalled if you want your webpages the way they were.

I'm not sure how the extension works. If it intercepts the html on its way to the browser it might save valuable time for dial up connections. Go check it out for yourself.

UPDATE: It looks like the content downloads as normal, then is reformated by the script. No bandwidth savings here, but still very cool.

Fun = Cool

Found this doing a bot of broadband surfing (oh, did I mention I have broadband again?)
Create your own Southpark Character

This is about as close as I could come to myself.