Thursday, November 02, 2006

Our usual table please...

Last night I met up with Bob, Cat and Ed (along with their significant others) at a Denny's in North Olmsted. We meet up on this date every year. It's an anniversary of sorts, and we've been doing it for 22 years.

A looooooong time ago I met Ed and a girl named Kim at a small Ren Fair in my home town of Bay Village. We hot it off and they invited me to a Halloween party. After the party we went to Lewis woods in the Metroparks in costume. As we tromped through the dark woods we talked about Tolkein and magic and a thousand flights of fancy. Then we went to Denny's. Over the years we have somehow managed to always meet up. Even when Cat moved away to Washington, she would go to a Denny's there and we'd talk on the phone.

This year our waitress hadn't even been BORN the year we first met up. How's THAT for making you feel old! We didn't stay as late as we used to. There's work and all. But we did get together. That's what friends do.