Saturday, March 12, 2005

On the Natchez riverboat

On the Natchez riverboat

I've always wanted to take a cruise aboard a real steam powered
paddlewheeler, and now I've had the chance. It is not as romantic or
exciting as one may hope. Its a smooth rideand the air is clean and
cool. The banks of the river here are industrial and ugly. A dew
taterred palnation houses dot the landscape, but they are shadows of
their former glory here. I'd lile to contine down to the gulf, or
upriver, but this is only a 2 hour cruise. I could easily see myself
using this form of transportation 100 years ago.

We leave New Orleans today and head to Gulf Wars. God I'm going to miss
this city.

Friday, March 11, 2005

The breakfast of champions

The breakfast of champions

Cafe au lait and beignets (a french donut) at the Cafe du Monde. This
place first opened around 1880.

After a walking tour of the Garden district we had lunch at Commanders
restaurant. Its listed at the best restaurant in the coiuntry by Zagat.
The food was outstanding and the service and setting amazing. To make up
for this pricey lunch we ate dinner at a greasy spood called deja vu.
Cheap but very filling, and plenty of room for a fight.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

I hate you tmobile...

Due to a cock up with the servers at tmobile, my emailed postings are showing up out of order. We're in New Orleans right now, enjoying some absolutely great food. This is a kick-ass city and a must see for anyone who can't afford to travel abroad.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A pale imitation

Breakfast and dinner today were at 2 different casinos. Both were, at
most mediocre. Once you have tasted the delights of Las Vegas all else
is a pale imitation. I don't know why, but every time I go to a
substandard restaurant I want to fix it. I will not be content with
merely being dissatisfied or barking a complaint. I want to sieze the
manager and shake them furiously. We're eating in the pirate ship now,
and the staff are like a lazy crew. They know their jobs, but they
perform them with the minimum of energy and conviction. Then again,
these aren't the best jobs in the world to start with.

Sales were good today. We did our part to help the south be less singed
monkey butt hair ugly. Oh, and I saw Walter Koenig today. It was al I
could do not to jump up and down and demand that he say 'nuclear

Florida, Epcot, and tech support

We decided to take a quick jaunt to visit Epcot center in florida.
Rossana and I went during our very first trip as rennies about 15 years
ago. Getting there though, involves driving through florida. I don't
know what the hell is with this state. The standard mile stretches on
forever and time rushes by at a vastly accelerated rate. Thus, a trip
that should take 6 hours becomes 10 and requires 2000 extra miles to
reach our destination.

Epcot was very fun, especially test track and the space experience. We
ate in Morocco and the food and entertainment very great. We didn't buy
anything in the 'souk', the prices were too hight and the quality was
lacking from the real goods. I did take lots of pictures of walls, doors
and accent items.

On leaving Biloxi tmobile service took a dump. When I used a free wifi
spot in the lobby of our hotel last night to check my mail I got an
urgest email from a client telling me his online store wasn't working.
This shit happens every fucking time I am 1200 miles from my home. I
spent an hour working on it and sending emails to resolve the issue. On
returning to our room, I flug myself down on the bed in exhaustion,
which promptly collapsed. This morning I believe the issue is fixed and
tmobile is semi working. We're on the road to New Orleans to stay at a
former brothel.

Monday, March 07, 2005

The circus leaves town

The circus leaves town

The calm after

Dealer rooms are always scheduled to be open far longer than actually
do. At some unspoken signal, we quietly begin to retrieve our storage
tubs from our vans. At 4pm I look at the room and call it. We begin load
out. Rhe sky outside in quickly darkening. It could be rain. The van is
rearranged and we say some quick farewells and headed out for a
traditional post-show chinese dinner.

We'll have to figure out our next move now. Head to New Orleans or maybe
a hard push to Orlando and a trip to Disney. Hey, all work and no

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Why I love Waffle House

Why I love Waffle House

Down South they don't fuck around with regards to sugar. Up north, we
dole it out like magic pixie dust. But down here, sugar comes in a glass
bucket. Use all you want, we'll get more. Say what you will about the
South, they treat my sweet tooth right.

Another day, another cock up in the schedule. Our paperwork says dealers
room opens at 10. Upon arrival, it seems it doesn't open till 11. I
could have slept in another hour. Thanks you smacktards. With decent
sales yesterday, we hope to pick up one or two more today before
load-out, which is even more fun that set up.