Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A pale imitation

Breakfast and dinner today were at 2 different casinos. Both were, at
most mediocre. Once you have tasted the delights of Las Vegas all else
is a pale imitation. I don't know why, but every time I go to a
substandard restaurant I want to fix it. I will not be content with
merely being dissatisfied or barking a complaint. I want to sieze the
manager and shake them furiously. We're eating in the pirate ship now,
and the staff are like a lazy crew. They know their jobs, but they
perform them with the minimum of energy and conviction. Then again,
these aren't the best jobs in the world to start with.

Sales were good today. We did our part to help the south be less singed
monkey butt hair ugly. Oh, and I saw Walter Koenig today. It was al I
could do not to jump up and down and demand that he say 'nuclear

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