Thursday, June 08, 2006

In vivid color

If you'd like to see how Bush is tanking for yourself, I direct your Interon browsing device to the following animated image.

Pretty brutal George.

Adventures in Lawn Care

So here it is at last. The lawnmower. With it I shall tame the wilderness that is my back yard. I shall fear no weed. My chainsaw and my roundup shall comfort me.

This thing has made my life much easier. It does 80 mph. It can, in fact pop wheelies. I will be speaking with Grimm about chrome exhaust pipes and a turbo charger. Its 0-60 speed is a little sluggish. And yes, I am wearing a John Deere hat. It came with the mower and it gives me mad farmer cred down at Cecils trackside diner. Word.

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Monday, June 05, 2006

Kick Ass

My friend Ed came over today we rode the motorcycles around for a bit. It really helps one clear ones head. I'm better now. And to celebrate here is an outstanding video of a marionette performer with what the kids would call mad skillz. I was a puppeteer for 5 years, but I take my hat off to this guy.