Thursday, June 08, 2006

Adventures in Lawn Care

So here it is at last. The lawnmower. With it I shall tame the wilderness that is my back yard. I shall fear no weed. My chainsaw and my roundup shall comfort me.

This thing has made my life much easier. It does 80 mph. It can, in fact pop wheelies. I will be speaking with Grimm about chrome exhaust pipes and a turbo charger. Its 0-60 speed is a little sluggish. And yes, I am wearing a John Deere hat. It came with the mower and it gives me mad farmer cred down at Cecils trackside diner. Word.

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Anonymous said...

I laughed outloud when I saw this.

All I could think of was an add campaign in pcgamer that showed a guy mowing the lawn with a bunch of game characters behind him, the caption read.. "Today the Lawn, Tonight the universe."

You amaze me, you truly do. Who else could take something like lawn care and make into a truly funny blog entry.

I bow to your insane genius,

Anonymous said...

You are a Lawn God! I am envious of your mower!!

Say....could you come over and give, a demo of that thing on my Dad's yard? It's only 2.8 acres...