Wednesday, December 11, 2002


Today is the day. The final head count is eight. Ed and Duffy are already 'In country' as the special ops people say. I have not received any contact from them yet. I can only hope their cover hasn't been blown. But they knew the risks. I bought a new coat, because I am a gear WHORE. I needed one though, and after some actual haggling at Wilsons I got a good price.

With luck I will get a chance to meet up with both a programmer I have been conversing with and some members of the local SCA group. My right foot has been acting up again at exactly the wrong time. It annoys me. Early reports are that 'The Two Towers' will be great. Of this I have no doubts. Now we just need to keep the rest of this trip as cool. Heather actually asked Rossana is we'd get a chance to eat 'Real pub food'. That's like asking if you'll get a chance to real 'Real Fast food' if you visit America. Me? I'm bringing Tabasco. I've eaten Shepards pie. It leaves much to be desired. On the other hand there is plenty of Indian food places (a sort of payback for a hundred years of British Colonialism).

The clock has actually stopped moving. I wait for what seems like an eternity.... and then it ticks off another second. This is gonna be a long day.