Friday, July 14, 2006

LOL - Rennie Personal Ads

Rennies are their own unique sub-culture and as such, have their own unique sense of humor. This is for any of my "homies" of there doing the circuit and to those who work so hard to make peoples weekend visits a magical experience:

Circuit Rennie into tattoos, piercing and drumming seeks same. Wolf
breeds a bonus! Hygiene negotiable.
No Jousters.

Campground Rennie looking for laundry partner, vehicle required. Will
not share white load until
second or third trip. No, I am not happy to see you, I DO have a roll of
quarters in my pocket!

Road Rennie seeks local w/plumbing for friendship and much more! No
costumes outside of faire please.

Fortune teller seeking someone who will surprise me! Tell me something I
DON'T know! Tall, Dark and Strange a plus!
No jousters.

Weekend entertainer seeking forbidden campground love. I have plumbing,
you must leave before my mom gets up.

Rennie bum looking for hard working RenGirl. Must have
home/vehicle/beer. Enable me. You: cook/clean
Me: not a jouster!

Morris dancer seeks partners for heathen fertility rite. Bell lovers a
plus, BYOB.

Townie party girl seeks place to shack up, travels light (just costume!)
Will be 18 soon.
Jousters a plus!

Local boy seeks fantasy dream circuit job, only willing to manage. Must
provide benefits, lodging

Local boy looking to get on circuit, looking for work. I am willing to
help you take all of the
buildings apart when the show is done.

Veggie Justice boy seeks saucy wench for sticky times. I will love you
Picante style! Kiss the
tomato! We will make beautiful catsup together!

Ditzy chick looking for established father figure with trailer. "Almost
Musicians a plus.

Neo-pagan, new age, golden dawn, sub-genius, left handed black dye job
boy (8 piercings-connect the
dots!) seeks neo-cabalist Gemini with Virgo rising, Goth, ambidextrous,
anti-pokemon (except for
butterfree) red head Grrl for tantric research. Satanist, Black Hats
need not apply.

Jouster with Big Lance seeks Philly to favor. I have a metal codpiece!
Wanna ride my pony? Included: Beer
and trailer! Not Included: breakfast.

Bored, overworked RenGirl seeks Local entertainer to spice up life.
Alcoholic ok, local connections

Worried Mom seeks kid stolen by circuit. Jesus can forgive you so I will
at least try. You can still be

RenBoy with hard house and power seeks female with electric blanket.
Send picture of blanket.
Weekenders welcome: blanket stays.

Rennie with bus seeks Rennie with gas money. Dogs, wolves, mastiffs,
cats, ferrets, tarantula, hedgehogs,
snakes, rabbits, cooties and rats ok. No jousters.

Bodacious thespian seeks fodder for Wenching. Tights a plus, dance belts
a minus! Kilts bump you to the
top of the list. Tortugas welcome.

Verily and well met, good gentles. A lord of the SCA be I, in sooth, and
a kin to Elves on thine mothers
side, anon. Hear ye, unto the Fare do I Goeth, seeking mine Lady Fair,
be she thee? Huzzah! Unto
the house of Denny's go we in all our Garb, to sup as Lady and Lord!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Pirates Peanut! Pirates!

Went to POTC: Dead Mans Chest last night. I enjoyed it tremendously and if there is any joy in your soul, so should you. There were a few small pacing and dialogue issues, but nothing that was a deal killer. Davey Jones now surpasses Gollum as King Shit of the digital characters. I mean absolutely amazing.

The showing of this movie was marred only slightly by the close proximity of my minion Lindsey, who was literelly vibrating in anticipation of the film. And when I say vibrating I mean it in the most literal sense of the word. She was, in fact, a blur, barely perceivable in the visible spectrum. Her excitement caused my fillings to loosen.

She was outright dismissive of the trailers, and while they were not amazing there is one golden rule of movie watching, you can talk, giggle, kvetch whatever...until the trailers start. That's it. When trailers are go, pie hole remains in shut mode. I will forgive her this transgression. She is young and excitable, and it was a pretty freaking cool movie.

Pirate are in again for another year! Horay!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Suck with a side order of suck

I had arrived at the Silver Leaf Ren Fair thoroughly prepared. You dont do the circuit for 15 years without perfecting the art of prep and packing. I came to SELL. I brought my A game.

What I did not bring were the corner pieces for my sales tent. I realized this the second I finished the 3 and 1/2 hour drive from Ohio. I had stock, mannequins, racks,tables,camping gear,mirrors, stools, cooler and snacks. But I had no way to put up my tent.

Luckily this isn't the first time I've been smited by the gods. The back up plan swings into effect. Its off to WalMart where I bought the last $100 sunshade they had. Once it was up things went pretty smooth until I turned in for bed and realized I had forgotten a blanket.

The decent crowds made up for these small setbacks. Several friends came by and helped me out which put me in much better spirits all around. The show has potential and they have a very enthusiastic staff. If you live in Michigan or Ohio you might consider coming for a visit.