Thursday, January 31, 2008

Epic Fail

All it took was one second to click on the wrong file. And then... it was a slow decent into FAIL. Despite antivirus I contacted a host of evils and was forced in the end to reinstall Windows XP. On the plus side, my internet connection and other parts of the system are running nice and fast again. On the down side, it's been two solid days of reinstalls and patching. Joy.

Outlook is back but my account settings are AWOL.

Unrelated but good news, my friend Grimm seems to have found a buyer for his house. It looks like he'll get a good price tool.

Also unrelated but important is the arrival of a new addition to the family. Feel;ing that Little One could use some company we went to the local vet and picked up a young cat who had yet to be named. I'll post pics soon and maybe even solicit name suggestions.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Back at it

We cruised down to Chattanooga, TN for Chattacon. It's held at the...wait for it...Chatanooga Choo Choo hotel, which is actually several hotels and buildings lumped together. The main building is an old train station that is very beautiful if you (like me) love rivets and girders. Several train cars are actually rooms you can stay in. There are three hotel buildings and the convention rooms.

The facility has seen some wear and tear. I imagine it takes a lot to maintain this place and it needs a little TLC. The event itself had moderate attendance at best. We had a good spot in the dealers room, which is rare. We were only open for a short time on Friday but by mid-saturday several dealers were asking us "So, how ya' doing?".

Dealers rarely divulge how much they are actually making at an event. I never give numbers as it seems to be poor taste and you never know who works for the IRS. But one can take the above statement and discern a great deal by HOW it is asked.

If you're chatting with a dealer and he eventually asks "How are you doing? He is having a pretty good day and hopes you are as well.

If a dealer comes and talks to you and asks "How ya doing today?" He likely had a good first day but is slow second day."

And if several dealers ask"So, how you doing?" It means "Are you sucking as bad as I am, please say yes so I don't feel like I'm doing something wrong god why did I ever do this crappy show". The 'So' is the telltale sign that everyone is just hoping to cover hotel costs, food and gas to get home.

Of course, if you don't have time to chat, things are actually going great. You're making money.

Somehow, we managed to do fairly well. This was in contrast to everyone else we spoke with. There were four tshirt vendors, an over saturation by any definition. There were two other corset dealers but our selection, quality and superior sales technique helped us out.

The very cool Nigel deSade was there as well as Jenny Breeden from the web comic The Devils Panties.

After the long Saturday sales day we wandered over to the Con suite and did a little impromptu drumming and dancing (I drumming, Rossana showing the younger generation that she has forgotten more than they will ever know)

We then wandered over to a room party with a Firefly theme run by some dedicated browncoats that was pretty cool. There was punch and chinese food and they had decorated the room with props and cammo netting. A guy even gave me some prop colonial money he'd designed. Sweet.