Sunday, April 01, 2007

I hate this state

And I' m sure the feeling is mutual. Last year we bought an expensive GPS navigation unit. One of the KEY selling point I used to convince my wife to agree was that we would be able to get around Raleigh NC without having a seizure. This city is a massive clusterf@ck of roads, most leaading anywhere but where you want to go.

The GPS got us to the site, which wasn't hard as its right off the highway. But when we entered the address of the motel and told it to take us there it simply sat in stunned silence. We tried several options, but nothing worked. The road system is so bad here that it made my GPS break down and cry. We found the motel ourselves and yesterday morning on a lark I asked it to find its way back to the Fair site. It clicked and whired and what do you know it found a route. In fact it was a faster way to the site than we currently use. So last night I asked it to take us back to the motel and again it just sat there whirring and sobbing.

I can't blame the computer. Really. I absolve it of any wrongdoing. It's this city.

The show is off to a good start. Good weather and good attendance. Next weekend however we will be open during Easter weekend. They want us here FRIDAY from three until ten pm. That's messed up. I plan on bringing something thick to read. And maybe a sleeping bag.