Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010 dick.

Apparently Levi Johnston is going to run for public office. That's, right, this uneducated jiz dispenser has decided to run for Mayor...of Wasilla Alaska. I'd like to take a moment to say to Mr. Johnston - fuck you.

I  have to confess that I don't know the young man personally. I haven't kept up much on his exploits. Apparently he posed for playgirl, but I don't believe that should restrict you from running for office. Sure, it looks like he sold off the rights to the "big wedding announcement" before it was revealed that he may have fathered a baby with some other chick. But that's pretty much par for the course with this group isn't it?

These shenanigans don't perturb me. What I am upset with is that  this douchenozzle isn't running for mayor for any other reason than it's part of a new reality tv show. Goddammitsomuch....

Look, there are many reasons to run for public office. Selflessness, concern for ones community, aspiration for higher office, even plain old fashioned greed and a lust for power. I can accept all of these. But I will not accept a high school drop out attention-whore who cannot keep it in his pants vying for public office for the sole reason of trying to extend his 15 minuted of undeserved fame with yet more vomit inducing "reality tv". It's not supposed to work that way. It shits of the very fabric of our political system.

But crazy is in this year. Look at the Tea Party. Listen to the frothing crazy that is coming out of their mouths. It wouldn't surprise me if this comes to pass. And thanks to the massive exposure this show would generate, he could very well win. The last mayor won in a run-off election with something like 450 votes. Awesome. We are doing a great job of showing the world the we don't deserve the system of government everyone else dreams of.