Thursday, March 16, 2006

For the rain it raineth every day...

The event is a bit slower than I had hoped. Last nighr was the 'Midnight Madness' sale where we all stay open late looking at each other and praying for a meteor to strike us dead. Today was gray and drizzly. Still, the event isn't a disaster.

I brought my bow and managed to get some practice in. There are some shops with some interresting wares. Oh yes, I bought myself a pair of slops. (go look it up).

Rossana is over her cold and the van has been repaired. And in a few days we will be drinking Cafe au lait and eating beignets. Joy.

And Mom? I didn't forget. Happy Birthday. You're the greatest.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

The van...she no go

The van...she no go
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The above image depicts us unpacking our van. Are we setting up at Gulf Wars? Well, no.

Near D.C. the van stalled out. We were towed to a local Pep Boys where the diagnosis was a failed fuel pump. Let me lay out for you the position one finds oneself when broken down in Maryland:

Broken down in Maryland = fucked.

Broken down in Maryland on Saturday after 1pm = superfucked.

The very nice people at Pep Boys did their best, but once it was determined that it was in fact the fuel pump, they dropped the bomb. The absolute soonest they could get the part was MONDAY.