Sunday, March 12, 2006

The van...she no go

The van...she no go
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The above image depicts us unpacking our van. Are we setting up at Gulf Wars? Well, no.

Near D.C. the van stalled out. We were towed to a local Pep Boys where the diagnosis was a failed fuel pump. Let me lay out for you the position one finds oneself when broken down in Maryland:

Broken down in Maryland = fucked.

Broken down in Maryland on Saturday after 1pm = superfucked.

The very nice people at Pep Boys did their best, but once it was determined that it was in fact the fuel pump, they dropped the bomb. The absolute soonest they could get the part was MONDAY.


Ed Dale said...


This is just awful. Replacing a fuel pump can be a nightmare - depends on where it is located. Good luck and I hope you make it there and back again okay.

Anonymous said...

The words of choice should be:
Where is the nearest U-Haul Truck Rental? Pack your stuff into it and haul butt!! Come back for the van after you have about $ might have to mortgage a kidney...

Anonymous said...

The fuel pump is in the gas tank, not exactly a roadside quick fix, and this kind of thing is near impossible to predict. I once bungeed a gas can to the roof of a car and connected it with a hose to get it home, but, then... (fill in uncomplimentary conclusion here) Good timing - right after a new power steering rack...

Kitty has been fed, so it's not all bad.