Friday, May 27, 2005

Ok, I've calmed down and am feeling better now...

Go take a look at this over at Something Aweful. Worst superhero costumes ever with somew veruy funny commentary. I actually remember some of the 'superheroes' that they are showing here and indeed, it proves that there was a huge creative void in comics for years.

I am vibrating with anger

Go here and read this.

It is rare to find a judge who so has gone so fucking far off his rocker. A lot of Left Wing blogs are using the term 'American Taliban' to describe the current right wing agenda. That term usually strikes me as being a bit over the top. But not in this case. This judge crossed a line.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Public Service Announcement

All right gents. When was the last time you actually went and got a physical? I mean it. We're not teenagers anymore are we? Do you know what your cholesterol level is? How about your blood pressure? How's your heart?

I urge you to go and get a complete physical. Yes, it costs money. But an ounce of prevention vs a pound of cure and all that. Don't put it off, I urge you. Not because I am particulary concerned about how healthy YOU are. Rather, I shouldn't be the only one to have to suffer through a @#$%! prostate exam. That shit just ain't right. We live in the 21st fucking century people. We have sent men to the moon and can split the atom but we can't test the health of the prostate without cramming a finger where the sun don't shine.

So please, go get a checkup. Because I feel oogey and you should too.

Thank You.