Wednesday, November 17, 2004

This is D and Monkey, who's wedding we were attending in Las Vegas. These pics are from the Fantasy Festish Ball, which was a pretty sweet party. Posted by Hello
These ladies were discussing who got to ride the bed first. It quickly turned into a catfight with lots of hair pulling and loss of lingerie. Actually, that part is a lie. The two ladies are economics majors discussing the merrits of the 1860 Hawley-Smoot tarriff. Posted by Hello
My sweetie next to a custom bed that has many interresting features including lights, 12 restraint points, a sit & spin and a steel ball which I assume is used to punish your parrot when its been naughty. Posted by Hello
Wouldn't it be nice if YOUR garden pixies looked like this? Posted by Hello
This is Aliki looking stunning in her Princess Leia outfit created by a talented chap named Tomak Posted by Hello
Every girl's crazy for a sharp dressed man Posted by Hello

Monday, November 15, 2004

Hey! I have psychic powers!

So I guess I pegged this one. Colin Powell and three more gone. Adding to my sneaky weasel theory, Colin wrote:

"I am pleased to have been part of a team that launched the global war against terror, liberated the Afghan and Iraqi people."

He also said he "brought the attention of the world to the problem of proliferation, reaffirmed our alliances, adjusted to the post-Cold War world and undertook major initiatives to deal with the problem of poverty and disease in the developing world."

First, this is horseshit, second, Why does he sound like he's posting his resume? The only thing missing is the use of the term 'synergy' and 'paradigm'.