Saturday, March 25, 2006

A bit of fun

Nothing serious, just some makin with the ha-ha.

Go check out the vids HERE and smile.

I especially like "Bait", "Old people Having Fun" and the Isuzu ad.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Some pics and some thoughts

Gulf Wars, while not a rousing success, was not too bad. I am sure next year it will be back to its old self and sales will return to normal. The site of the event is pretty cool. They not only allow SCAdians to build stuff, they encourage it. Here is the Green Dragon Inn, it is a permanant structure and it's gorgeous. The inside has granite floors and a minstrels gallery. Food and ale is served. I must have one of these for myself...

After the event we hit New Orleans to get a break. Below is your standard artsy type shot I took at Cemetary No 1 in the French Quarter.

The inventors of the Hurricane, Bill O'Malleys features a water fountain in their courtyard that shoots fire. Are we getting any ideas yet?

On the day we left we thought it was important to stop back in the Ninth Ward to see what, if anything was happening there since we left back in November. At first I was not encouraged. The street lights still aren't working and there is still a lot of damage, but then we saw businesses opening up. We found the community center and the whole area was bustling with activity. Debris was being removed from the streets, roofs and houses were being repaired.

This was to have been a community center by now, but just after we left the roof at the warehouse where the volunteers were staying began to leak badly and had to be abandoned. They moved over to the community center and that is their new base of operations. The place has become a beehive of activity. Lots of College students came down for spring break to help out. So many that they were short of team leaders to help coordinate people. The church next door is also part of the Common Ground Collective, as well as the corner across the street. There is event a Clinic and free legal advice in a home nearby. I had my doubts that we would see anyone back in that part of the Ninth. But it's happening. There are several more FEMA trailers and signs that people are not going to let the area die. A short way off in the lower ninth there is still a lot of damage, and few signs of recovery. This area was hit worst by the flooding. I'd not sure it will come back.

We will be back in New Orleans in about a months for a Goth Convention call Convergence 12. We won;t have much time for sight seeing then, all business. So I'm glad we did in now.

Monday, March 20, 2006

I love you man!!!!

We will not speak of the excesses we have engaged in while visiting the French Quarter. The less known of these the better. Like Vegas, what happens here should stay here. To post pics would be foolish at this time. Maybe when we are safely out of this state...

It is not late per se, but we have retreated too our cool air conditioned rooms. The air is thick and warm. Angry clouds boil overhead. Walking in this weather saps one's strength and the addition of certain beverages does not help in navigating the dim, gas lit streets.

We have done what damage we can here. Tomorrow we will fight our way through the heavy rains to the North of us. If our luck holds out we will be back home in about 2 days. This is good. My restraint on this trip has been somewhat lacking, The further away I am from Beignets, Rum and gumbo the better. I believe Lindsey has enjoyed her time here, and as soon as we find her I will confirm it. She was last seen on Chartres heading toward one of the many clubs that fly rainbow flags. She has our cell number and we have a photo of her along with fingerprints and DNA sample. She knows when and where our van will be departing the Big Easy and we can only hope she will be in it. Pax Law #4 is very specific:

"Always come home with the same number of people you left with."

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Back to the scene of the crime

A long hard day today. With threatening skies we packed up early. The event wasn't a bust, but it wasn't as good as I had hoped. It was a week of extremes. Hot days, cold nights, rain, dust, bad food and bouts of boredom followed by flurries of activity. Pack up was tough. Nothing wanted to fit, not enough room. Frustration.

Last night Lindsey and I wandered the site. We popped into the Tavern and ended up at the Known World Party held in the fort. I knew a few people there but most were strangers. A merchant holds a strange position in the Society. Those who don't have the time or skills to make our wares rely on us for our goods. But we are outside the social circle of those we serve. We hold allegiance to no Kingdom and as such are claimed by none. We maintain acquaintances with our fellow merchants and share a sort of camaraderie with them. Virgil from Crimson Chain Leather was our neighbor and one couldn't ask for a better one. We swap our versions of war stories and help each other where we can. We weren't the only one hit with vehicle troubles. A fellow merchant named Drago struck a tree stump on site breaking a spring and damaging a wheel. I hope he was able to at least break even on this show.

We departed one day early. There are rarely Sunday sales at SCA events. Right now we are again guests of Vlad and his lady. He has moved into new digs. These at least are bigger and can almost hold his eclectic collections. Stranger still is that the house in a suburban style development. All manicured lawns and minivans. I wonder how long it will be before the neighbors notice the Adams family moved in. We are treated like honored guests. A good meal and a hot shower are a godsend. So are the attentions of their cats.

Tomorrow we head to New Orleans. This time as tourists, though I expect we will tour the ninth ward before we leave on Tuesday.