Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Very cool...

I would totally do this if i were a crazy rich person.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Beating a dead horse?

I promise to move back to some lighter stuff, but I highly encourage you to read this first hard report of the first days of Guantanamo. It's told by the most clean-cut American youth you can imagine. It's a window into a world we never saw and many wish had never happened.

This testimony does not relate to how detainees were interrogated. This is just the story of a kid who was put in charge of guarding "the most dangerous men in the world" who mostly turned out to be undernourished and frail foreigners sold to the Americans for $1000 a pop. He is very detailed in what he personally witnessed and what he did not witness.

Some of what you will read may not seem, on the surface, to be all that bad. If you don't think stress positions, beatings, degradation, intimidation and anal penetration are all that bad then I suggest you try them for yourself. You will likely change your mind. This story is just a small piece of the overall system put in place by the Bush administration. A system that disregarded the Geneva conventions and many of the standard operating procedures of our own military for treating detainees. What this kid witnessed was Guantanamo-Lite and it's a fascinating read.