Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Always on the loosing side...

I have a long history of backing the wrong technological horse. Betamax, VESA local bus, Sony minidisc. I've seen it all. And now my beloved blogger (the system that powers this site) is giving me a bit of a finger up the ass, so to speak.

Apparently, only .5% of blogger users are publishing using FTP. Everyone else is using or something like that. Am I part of the .5%? You betcha! What does this mean? Apparently Blogger has to spend a lot of time helping us FTP users, so they are discontinuing that service. Instead, everything will be hosted on THEIR servers, which they would NEVER censor or put excessive ads on. Ever.


So at some point I have to perform a migration that will, at some critical point, cock up horribly. Leaving me screaming and banging my head against my keyboard. Computers are fun! I'm working through their process now to try and figure out how I can keep without having to add /blog/ after it but that may not be doable. I have until March 22 but I want to get on this now. If the site is MIA or weird for a bit, please stay tuned as we are experiencing technical shenanigans...

Sunday, January 31, 2010