Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Someone comes to town, someone leaves town...

I've been in a pretty up mood of late. My brothers wedding was great and I am very happy for him. I've been helping a friend work on his place and putting my shop back in order which is a kind of Zen meditation. I'm not selling, not pushing anything. I'm enjoying the long Fall weather. But yesterday I got the news that I was hoping I wouldn't get. John Parker, the Glassblower at the Ohio Ren fair, passed away.

There's really no way to describe what a unique and cool guy this was. He was more active and full of life in his 70's than many people one third his age. His place was the heart of the show. There was always something going on there. He hosted potlucks, had music night, let people try out the pipe, had a million funny stories and genuinely loved life. He took shit from no one, especially the owner of the show.

And of course, he was a great artist. I am really gonna miss him.

Here's a pic I found of Parker in a rare moment of non tie-dyedness