Friday, May 27, 2005

I am vibrating with anger

Go here and read this.

It is rare to find a judge who so has gone so fucking far off his rocker. A lot of Left Wing blogs are using the term 'American Taliban' to describe the current right wing agenda. That term usually strikes me as being a bit over the top. But not in this case. This judge crossed a line.


Anonymous said...

Unconstitutional, but sadly unsurprising, in this evolving Republic of Gilead. Whoa. Too early for me to muse about my gov't and its "culture of life." Hork.

Anonymous said...

"Some people have preconceived notions about Wicca, which has some rituals involving nudity but mostly would be inoffensive to children, said Philip Goff, director of the Center for the Study of Religion & American Culture at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis."

Dude you don' know what nevermind. I don't want that image in my head.

But seriously you better get that crucifix up in your house or the American Taliban will come and get you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys, I agree with the judge. While people should have the right to their own religious beliefs, Wicca is a crock of garbage. Not only that, but this country was founded on principles of religious freedom i.e. Protestant vs. the Church of England, not Christianity vs. Paganism. Let legal adults practice what they will, but there needs to be a status quo for our youngsters. If the couple wants to practice Wicca with there son, take him OUT of the Catholic school and lift the judge's ruling. Don't be a wiccan AND a hypocrite, too.

Steve said...

I strongly disagree. The parents don;t want the child in Catholic school because they are catholic or want their child to grow up to be Catholic. Catholic schools just happen to offer a better education in some areas.

The injunction says that thay can;t expose their child to non main-stream religions. The parents are not forcing their child to dance around a drum circle or go skyclad. They are teaching their child about their particular faith, and the constitution clearly supports them in this.

To anonymouse, what constitutes a mainstream religion? What is a non mainstream religion? Would you forbid them from raiseing their child in the Jewish faith? Of course not, it's mainstream. How about Buddhism? There are 376 million of them and about 30 million Jews.

You may think wicca is a crock of garbage, but about 1.1 Billion people worldwide think that still believing in supernatural dieties of any kind is garbage.

If we impose a staus quo on our children, they will grow up believing that THEIR faith is the only true faith and they will eventually work to destroy those who do not share it.

Anonymous said...

I personally am Atheist, but I support a person's right to choose religion, sexuality, politics, and choice of poison. Freedom of religion is just that, freedom of religion. This idiot judge must be a member of AFA and a raging fundy. I think that they should teach the child about all religions and none at all. Give the child all of the options and let the chips fall where they may.