Thursday, July 13, 2006

Pirates Peanut! Pirates!

Went to POTC: Dead Mans Chest last night. I enjoyed it tremendously and if there is any joy in your soul, so should you. There were a few small pacing and dialogue issues, but nothing that was a deal killer. Davey Jones now surpasses Gollum as King Shit of the digital characters. I mean absolutely amazing.

The showing of this movie was marred only slightly by the close proximity of my minion Lindsey, who was literelly vibrating in anticipation of the film. And when I say vibrating I mean it in the most literal sense of the word. She was, in fact, a blur, barely perceivable in the visible spectrum. Her excitement caused my fillings to loosen.

She was outright dismissive of the trailers, and while they were not amazing there is one golden rule of movie watching, you can talk, giggle, kvetch whatever...until the trailers start. That's it. When trailers are go, pie hole remains in shut mode. I will forgive her this transgression. She is young and excitable, and it was a pretty freaking cool movie.

Pirate are in again for another year! Horay!


Anonymous said...

Coming from Captain Weirdbeard that be high praise indeed.

As fer pirates being in for another year...I'll just go keelhaul me a few suburban bilgerats ta show me displeasure towards the general populance.

Anonymous said...

I strongly disagree with your comments about trailers. Talking is permissible in a hushed voice and only if it pertains to the trailer being shown. Do we really need to be absolutely quiet while the trailer to "Little Man" is being shown? I think not. I say riducule openly and often.

Steve said...

Brandon, you raise an interresting point. There are indeed 'purists' (my wife is from this camp) that will tear your arm off and beat you with it if you keep blabbing at full volume during the trailers.

I am a bit of a moderate. I keep my wouth shut during the actual trailer, and then give a brief opinion after it's over. (i.e. "I think I just came in my pants" in response to a Lord of the Rings trailer)

But what about trailers that A) Suck, B) are for films that you KNOW will suck and C) are not related to the theme of the movie being shown? Do these trailers not deserve our scorn?

My feeling are that you may show your scorn through rolling of the eyes and a brief, if pithy comment in a low voice "That will suck donkey balls".

I hope this clears up any confusion and will make your trailer viewing experience a pleasant one.

Anonymous said...

Ok I'm from the school of talk during the trailer, but if you talk during the movie you get beaten to an inch of your life.

Dont worry though, I plan to see the next film opening night so i should have all the shakes out of my system by the time i see it with you guys.


Anonymous said...

Well, my take on this is. To speak softly to your friend during a trailer is OK. But it's better to just offer a brief comment afterwards, such as "cooool" or "eh, that's gonna suck." Either pretty much sums up whatever you might be thinking. But shut the hell up when the movie begins... not a peep do I want to hear. And for everyone's sake, open all those damned crinkly, crackly food wrappers beforehand too, so as not to disrupt a particularly interesting dialogue part.

Those who do not know the proper movie ettiquette shall feel my wrath! At the very least I will be sure to point them out to everyone as the lights come up and all may see them for the inconsiderate beast they are :)

Pirates was cool and Davy was great, but I was a bit disappointed near the ending. I liked the first movie somewhat more. Still, this one is worth the ticket price and anyone into Pirates and cute little monkeys should see it. That's my 2 cents worth.


Anonymous said...

I know I'm in the minority here, but I say, if you've got something clever to say, say it.
But say it quietly to the person next to you. And make sure it actually is clever.
Don't just babble on during the trailers, and definitely not during the movie. But if you've got to make like Crow T. Robot or explode, then do so.
Timing is key. During loud chase scenes: good. During sneaky quiet scenes of crucial dialogue: bad.

Steve said...

And I think we can ALL agree that cell phone users should be quickly removed from the theater via trap door and fed to mutant pirhanna.