Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Florida, Epcot, and tech support

We decided to take a quick jaunt to visit Epcot center in florida.
Rossana and I went during our very first trip as rennies about 15 years
ago. Getting there though, involves driving through florida. I don't
know what the hell is with this state. The standard mile stretches on
forever and time rushes by at a vastly accelerated rate. Thus, a trip
that should take 6 hours becomes 10 and requires 2000 extra miles to
reach our destination.

Epcot was very fun, especially test track and the space experience. We
ate in Morocco and the food and entertainment very great. We didn't buy
anything in the 'souk', the prices were too hight and the quality was
lacking from the real goods. I did take lots of pictures of walls, doors
and accent items.

On leaving Biloxi tmobile service took a dump. When I used a free wifi
spot in the lobby of our hotel last night to check my mail I got an
urgest email from a client telling me his online store wasn't working.
This shit happens every fucking time I am 1200 miles from my home. I
spent an hour working on it and sending emails to resolve the issue. On
returning to our room, I flug myself down on the bed in exhaustion,
which promptly collapsed. This morning I believe the issue is fixed and
tmobile is semi working. We're on the road to New Orleans to stay at a
former brothel.

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