Sunday, March 06, 2005

Why I love Waffle House

Why I love Waffle House

Down South they don't fuck around with regards to sugar. Up north, we
dole it out like magic pixie dust. But down here, sugar comes in a glass
bucket. Use all you want, we'll get more. Say what you will about the
South, they treat my sweet tooth right.

Another day, another cock up in the schedule. Our paperwork says dealers
room opens at 10. Upon arrival, it seems it doesn't open till 11. I
could have slept in another hour. Thanks you smacktards. With decent
sales yesterday, we hope to pick up one or two more today before
load-out, which is even more fun that set up.


Goodman said...

The Waffle House was such a huge disappointment to me. I had expected it to carry all sorts of fabulous exotic waffles, like IHOP does with pancakes. No go. Just plain waffles with a few boring toppings, and the same kind of food you can find in any dinner in America. Bah.

Steve said...

True, the waffle house isn't exotic, but its cheap, it's fast and they're everywhere. We tend to eat there a lot while driving because it's not fast food and the coffeeis pretty good.