Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Last day in Venice.

Yesterday we toured the Doges palace. Very swanky digs them. The armory had some of the finest examples of swords and polearms Ive seen in quite a while including polearms and maces with muskets built into them. There was also a fantastically crafted key that shot a poison dart into the hard of the bearer when inserted into a lock! I MUST get one of these.

After a wonderful dinner on the Grande Canal I spent approx four hours convincing my wife to take a gondola ride with me. She takes to water like cats do to full immersions baths. After sedating her and finding a nice French couple (who knew such a thing existed?) we finally took the ride and it was magical. We silently glided past the home of Marco Polo, Casanova and a house where Napoleon got indigestion after a heavy meal.

Today is a national holiday, not much open so we will be travelling to Roma to take part in the vast gladitorial games Circus Maximus!!

Victa Roma!

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