Thursday, April 26, 2001

Made it to Rome. So far, I have been unimpressed. After the serene tranquility and lack of and kind of traffic in Venice, Rome is like New York with an accent. The Spanish steps? What the hell is the big ass deal with those? The Trevei fountain however was very nice. Weve just finished touring the Colloseum, awesome. We are going to have to hold off on touring the Forum and run back to our hotel to meet the manager, the room safe is fòcked up and won't open, so we must get back to yell that that idiot. Hope we get it open.
It has our tickets and money. I told Rossana we should have transferred our money into small gold ingots and swallowed them. But she never listens.

We are going to get out of the city on Saturday and go to Pompeii. Should be nice.
Steven and Rossana
Pax Imperium!

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