Tuesday, April 24, 2001

Day two of Venice. Yesterday was amazing. Travelled the enitre city. Visited the Palazzi Grasi and saw an amazing Etruscan exhibit (Etruscans ae the guys who predate Rome. The Romans eventually wiped them out for being decadent) Saw returned to St. Marks square to hear a five piece archestra play Queen and Michael Jackason tunes. Surreal. At least hey followed with some Vivaldi. Then the square began to flood. Slowly, mind you, but it was flooding. It seems the tide was coming it quite hight, so it was time to go home. Venice is as beautil at night as during the day, perhaps more. I thumbed through a book in a shop shat showed Venice 100 years ago and today. There is practically no difference at all. Some of this city has remained unchanged for 3 and 4 hundred years.

Today we visit the Doges Palace, maybe the island of the glass blowers Murno. And of course...shopping.

I will show them no mercy...

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