Sunday, August 02, 2009

Pennsic night

Late. Very late. I wander into camp just as the women folk are getting ready for a night out.
I sit with the men folk and have a cider. A pipe is
passed and I find myself wandering over to Vlads for the slave auction. I finally get to say hi to Ariana who got to attend Pennsic thanks to her father (whom she hates) dying, thus getting her out of Qatar. The butler in me takes over and I help serve some great pomegranite mead and canapé. It's hot, a light rain Patters on against the roof of be tent. I stumble back to camp where Wine and Alchemy are playing. I visit Darter who is busy cooking up sausages at one am. We eat. Tasty. It feels more like Pennsic now. Eyes are heavy. Feet so tied. Only a so-so day. Another long solo day tomorrow. The heat saps my energy. I need sleep.

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Ron Lutz II said...

It was good having you over that night, one of the few I had real fun. I think I am done with going to Pennsic for a while. Things just weren't happening for me as an artist. I also drank too much, too often. Building my hillside retreat, making food, watching the kids play and hanging out with friends was about all I truly enjoyed. Pennsic itself not so much... think we'll go to Alaska next year instead...