Thursday, August 06, 2009

Midnight madness

This is the day that all the merchants stay open late and offer
incentives to lure people I to their shops. The streets are lit with
lanterns and torches. How did we do? Meh. Way below last year But it
doesn't matter. Because there's an almost full moon whose rays stream
through the trees and a thick mist on the lake. It's beautiful beyond
words and that is truly the more important thing.

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Anonymous said...

Reality check. Make your wife happy and make some money. Keeping your wife happy...that is truly the more important thing.

Sir Constantine.

PS-- I hope you have a Great Lakes Faire at which to show your wares next year. It looks like the ultra-conservative Right-Wing of the County has a push on to close that faire. And, when did you ever know the County Sherrif's office to set up sobriety check points on the exit routes out of the faire? My nephew, who is 17, was among the many stopped last week. Can you say: "conspiracy." I'm sorry, I meant: "government." We trusted them to help us guard against, and recover from. hurricane Katrina--FAILED. We trusted them to tell us the truth about weapons of mass destruction--FAILED. Now, the county government is exercising its superior judgment and eliminating jobs and income taxes from its coffers. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. ...and irresposible. Cheers.