Monday, July 27, 2009

I am not a number.. I am a free man!

It was many years ago that I first heard the original BBC show 'The Prisoner'. I say heard, not saw. My brother recorded them and played them for me when he visited. (No VCR, No tivo in those ancient times) It was a trippy show. Even more so when I actually got to see it. And the ending? Pure madness.

Now it's being redone. But from what I can see, it looks and FEELS just as whacked out (if not more so) than the original. Behold.

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Anonymous said...

I am just glad that the Gandolf the Grey divulged his secret password when opening the door to those nasty Dwarf mines. BELOG!! He said. That was really cool. I use it every time that I go into the supermarket and that password really works!! However, it doesn't work at home. Curious.

Sir Constantine.