Monday, February 20, 2006


Despite being over 2000 miles from home I have seen about six people who are pretty good copies of friends I know back home. Kollin, Grimm, Monkey, Vallerie... It was spooky.

After the dust storm died down the event was much more pleasant, except for the bitter cold nights. We had to borrow a fake fur blanket and a third sleeping bag to stay alive in the frigid Arizona night air. The people out here really are friendly and helpful. Our fellow merchants in the bazaar tent (except for Beverle) were very nice folks. I am comforted by the fact that despite her offering lower prices people continually bought their corsets from us.

I only caught glimpses of the fighting, which looked little different from home. The event IS pet friendly so we met lots of cool dogs. The caliber of drummers is MUCH better than at pennsic. The large tent where court was held was lit with theater lights rather than fluorescent. There was a very swanky SCA 40th birthday party with all kinds of edibles. They also held THE coolest night time youth event. The lightsaber battle. They set up four big black lights and covered the padded weapons with fluorescent tape which looked (if I may date myself) wicked cool.

Elissa gave us a ride back to the airport. The UPS stores were all closed (I am a moron) and she has graciously agreed to drop the stock off tomorrow. I am trusting someone I met on the internet with $7000 worth of stock. Yeah.

With gobs of time on our hands we did the books and the show was a success. We will come back next year (when it will likely flood according to local sources). Our biggest challenge now is cleaning every damn thing that went with us. Joy.

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A successful event is the best way to begin your season!