Saturday, January 21, 2006

Up the Nile

I tried to post a camera phone pic but the local network doesn't like it.

We rose before dawn to watch the sun rise over Karnak temple. The complex is huge and every Pharoh added something to it so that the site is a bit of a mish mash. one could spend years studying it. We then visited the Luxor museum which houses some amazing pieces. I was very impressed with the chariot and bows found is Tuts tomb. The mummy of Ramesses I is here. It spent many years at a cheap Niagra Falls attraction before it was donated back to Egypt. It now lies in dignified repose near some few treasures that survived into this century.

We are now steaming up river towards Edfu. Our cabin was a bit of a disaster having no AC and a bathroom that was funky. We made a few calls and we are no longer sweltering. The bathroom is slightly less funky but I am planning on hitting a perfume shop to see if that will help any.

The Nile is smooth and the green fields and date palms glide by little changed for the last thousand years. Luxor is behind us but each new city seems to bring us bigger and more wonderous sites to explore.

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