Monday, January 16, 2006

Departing Cairo

Bag arrived last night. Hattem, the local tour rep spent 3 hours at the airport getting it. The terminal was technically closed due to the Haj (Mecca pilgramage) he sneaks in but is told I have to get the bag personally, they need my passport etc. I am sure bribes were paid. Everyone amazed at how cool we are about this, but it wasn't the tour company's fault. Nothing is missing and I have my hat and chargers.

Short lecture last night by Dr. Weeks followed by dinner. Our last night at Mena house. We talked our way into a look at Montommery and Churchill suites. Amazing what $1450 a night gets you. Our rooms are in a modern (and much cheaper) wing but I will still miss this place.

Off to Hurhada by plane and then to Quisir. From thence to Luxor.

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