Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Better now

Rossana thew up on the bus ride and immedietly felt better. We got to Luxor a short time later. The doctor promptly arrived and diagnosed inflamed lower intestines. She did everything right, staying away from salads and fresh fruits. She's an old pro at this. But it was the fish that did her in. He administered two shots that should have her back in shape by tomorrow (Inshallah!)

The Waddi Hammamat was a great journey. A trade and supply route between the Nile and the Red sea for the past 5000 years. A neolithic hunting ground over 8000 years ago. There are amazing heiroglyphs carved into the bassalt walls of the hills as clear today as they were when they were carved by expeditions sent to bring back materials for the temples of Egypt . These are mixed in places with ancient greek graphitti made by traders in Ptolomeic times.

I signed up for a sunrise hot air balloon trip over the Valley of the Kings and Luxor. So long as Rossana is in good shape I will again get up at 5 in the god awfull AM.

Luxor is much prettier than Cairo and the Nile is a real river here, not a dirty canal. Green and lush with huge sugar crops.


Anonymous said...

Woof! Hope Rossana has a speedy recovery! Hot air balloon ride sounds v. v. cool!

You're not missing *anything* here. 'Though the snow & ice on your van has finally melted...

Hope your trip continues to be peachy and uber-fab!

Anonymous said...

Wishes for a speedy recovery. Your trip sounds fantastic. Enjoy.