Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I need to stop looking at the internets

Let me be clear here. I generally like cops. I have known several fine cops. Theirs is a very tough job with more responsability that I would want to handle. I am of the opinion that most cops are honest and hardworking people. So when I read this womans first person account of a night in a New Orleans prison I duly freaked out.

Honestly, I was too scared to be angry.

What is my ONLY consolation is this? The only upside? At least we're white. I can't believe I said it. But whites aren't getting anywhere NEAR the shit blacks are, and never have. I listened to an interview with Malik Rahim who helped start the Common Ground collective. He told of armed white militia types driving around Algiers looking for the shit right after Katrina and the police doing nothing. White volunteers could get into the city, but a car with 5 black doctors was turned away. Some of the National Guard hang out near the Common Ground clinic. Why? To protect them from the NOPD.

I honestly didn't believe this shit really happened any more, or at least would dissapear for a while in the wake of the disaster. There are more important things for the police to do than arrest people on bullshit charges and subject them to gulag like conditions.

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