Wednesday, November 09, 2005

2 days and counting...

Remember when I said that the two things I was worried about were injury and ill health? Yeah.

Rossana's cold seemed to persist longer than it should and I demended (pleaded) that she go to see the doctor who promptly determined that she has strep throat. Great. Luckily she's getting the same great 5 day antibiotic regimine that I got when I had strep and walking pneumonia this spring. She should be feeling much better by friday. If she isn't, I'll start pouring rum with gunpowder down her gullet. That'll fix her up AND make 'er mean.

I decided that before doing any strenuous manual labor I should maybe warm up a little. The college has a weight room and Rossana and I have somehow turned a 6 month guest member ship into a year and a half mooch fest. I haven't been in there in months and today I am feeling the results of this inactivity. After two days in there it actually hurts to type. Dear god I'm out of shape. I'm getting winded using the mouse. At least I'm getting this stiffness out of my system now and not when I get there.

Despite the overcast skies and threat of rain there seems to be some rays of hope out there. The Rethuglicans seem to have lost ground this election. I can only hope that this trend continues in 06 and then 08. I think the Dems campaign slogan should be "We couldn't possibly fuck things up worse than they did."

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Goodman said...

I think the Dems campaign slogan should be "We couldn't possibly fuck things up worse than they did."

I think that's been the Democrats' slogan for years. It's why they lose. They don't really stand for anything anymore, except maybe the freedom to get an abortion. Much of the party seems to be pinning their hopes for winning the Presidency next time on a candidate who is basically a Hawkish moderate Republican -Hillary Clinton. Democrats tend to be so convinced that the folks on the other side are imbeciles that they figure they don't need to work to win elections... they just need to keep their noses clean while the other side drops the ball. Meanwhile, the Republicans continue to gerrymander to ensure their grip on Congress, which also ensures their grip on campaign donations. I'm not sure the Democratic Party will ever matter again, except in some states on the local level.