Monday, August 01, 2005

Is this me in an alternate timeline?

I watched the trailer for the upcoming film 'Lord of War' starring Nicolas Cage. In the first 10 second of the trailer he says several sobering facts about about arms use in the world, and then says something so wrong that my mouth actually fell open. Then I giggled.

Go watch the trailer, then come back... I'll wait...

Ok. I know that rampant gun proliferation is not solving the worlds problems. I actually support gun control because too many stupid monkeys have access to guns and tend to use them in very bad, stupid ways. Getting a gun should be a very difficult process that involves careful training, psycological examinations and a test before getting a license. Of course, I also feel this way about breeding, but that's another matter.

But this film makes me smile. I worked selling swords and pole arms at the Ohio Ren for five years. And I loved it. There is a great sense of pride in providing a quality product to a customer at a decent price. I loved showing off what the swords could do. In short, I was an arms dealer. I should be shocked that Hollywood would take such a serious subject and trivialize it into a comedy. But I'm not. Because when I see Nick Cage up on that screen, its like looking at myself through a kind of funhouse mirror. The fact is, shooting guns is fun as hell. I love it. It's just the part where people point them at other people that kills my buzz.

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Ed Dale said...

No, but it is a fun film. Looking forward to it.