Sunday, July 31, 2005


In short, today rocked. This is a good thing. The sales figures over the
last two weekends showed about a 40% drop from last year. That's pretty
serious. Lots of murmuring amongst the merchants. Bitter words and
rolled eyes at the ineptitude of management. People start wondering
aloud if maybe Pittsburgh would be a better use of time and resources.

And than a great day hits. It was like feeding time at the Pirhanna
tank. Several of us pulled about a pretty decent day. Enought that the
extra sort of balances out one of the earlier suck days. This
'correction' suddenly makes us forget all the bitching and moaning we've
been doing up to this point.

'Oh sure, attendance is down, but we had a correction. Sunshire and
rainbows can't be far around the bend now can they?'.

'Yesh, the patrons have contracted ebola and I myself am covered in
boils but we had a correction, so things are looking up.'

Its like we have the attention span of a flea. I'm hoping for another
great day tommorow, to further help balance out some of the previous
suck. That would be nice. And it would help with the boils...

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