Sunday, July 31, 2005

5 star accomidations

5 star accomidations
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Nothing but the best for us when we travel. Here we see the shower

house- er, spa, yeah that's it, at the luxurious hotel--- uh campground.

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~Dev said...

Hey Steve,

My wife and I just got back from our “Hell-i-moon” in Cancun, Mexico early Tuesday morning. I never thought I’d be so grateful to set foot back in the U.S. of A, given our country’s current problems… but I was overjoyed. We had booked an ‘all-inclusive’ resort package several months in advance… a so-called ‘four-star’ resort (heh, heh…). When we finally arrived in Cancun a week ago [July 25], we were immediately disenchanted by the lack of courtesy or service. Our room was complete with a leaky faucet, a raw sewage potpourri in the bathroom, a trickling leak from our ceiling mounted air conditioner unit (forming a Rio Grande-like river across our floor), and a mattress hard enough to use as a re-facing on the pyramid of Kukulkan itself! The food was recycled from previous meals (much the same way it was for grade school students at the cafeteria). Ellen and I heard plenty of praises from patrons located in resort hotels next door to ours (having paid the same amount we did, mind you)… and how WONDERFUL their stay had been… how comfortable their rooms were and how GOOD the food was. I would smile, while secretly imagining their tour buses exploding into flames. And to top it off, my sweetie’s engagement ring diamond broke free from its setting and was lost forever somewhere at the resort. We did manage to have some great moments though… including a tour of the amazing Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza (albeit hot as Hell there… we both almost collapsed from heat stroke, and were revived by the most amazing snow-cone I have ever had at the park’s concession stand). We also shared our popcorn with a local dog (a mother dog with sad, soulful eyes), which she took happily. And later in that week, I leaned to watch my step, as I nearly stepped on a two-and-a-half foot long iguana (beautiful lizard). We have over 500 funny stories to relay from our experience and misadventures in Cancun, so the trip was actually great, in retrospect. It’s always fun to see new countries and rap with the locals… but far better to come home!