Sunday, June 26, 2005

A pleasant evening without fisticuffs

The Ohio Scottish games are held practically in our back yard. And since it was our last free weekend we decided to attend. Rossana and I even kitted ourselves out in our Scottish attire. I think I make a very dashing, if swarthy, Scot in my kilt.

The only trouble was the weather, which was so hot that my brain actually started to malfunction. I find it hard to breath or think, my thighs rub together uncomfortably (I know, TMI) I was pouring sweat just standing still. We did some shopping, looked at the import cars and bikes. Said hello to the Highland Cows and a very handsome Clydesdale and then it began to pour rain. We beat a hasty retreat back to the cool shelter of Bag End.

The rain stopped and friends arrived for the cooking of meats. The temperature eventually cooled down enough to make it enjoyable on the deck, where several animated discussions took place. Rossana dished with our larger than life friend Hoss (also known as captain unfiltered) about what was up in Renfair circles. Lindsey, Cat and Duffy talked about Harry Potter porn and Ed, Patrick and I discussed the relative merits of Wal Mart as a global economic power. Really. It was a very animated discussion. Patrick was more or less of the opinion that there was nothing at all wrong with Wal Mart and that it should be free to operate as it pleases. Ed and I argued that although it's fine to make a profit, relentless price lowering hurts suppliers and helps send more and more jobs overseas to companies with less than reputable workers rights records and product lines that are at times inferior. I boldly proclaimed that I would live to see a Wal Mart in flames. Some one or some group will one day look at that big blue box and decide that IT is the source of all their problems. No one contradicted me.

We ate Cheese Cake and ice cream and retired to the Moroccan room for more lighthearted exchanges. I had a great time. It's good to see friends and I love having a place of my own.

After this weekend we'll be in the season. This is really where the work gets done. Time to get down to brass tacks and sell. I'm just praying for the weather to cool off. I can't take 2 months of heat wave. My skull will pop.


Anonymous said...

So happy to hear that the cheesecake was finally eaten... ;)

Anonymous said...

So Mr.Pack where were you on the 26th?


Steve said...

I have no comment at this time. Any press inquiries should be directed to my attorney.