Monday, June 27, 2005


Years ago my friend Mike Substelny bought the car of his dreams. A Delorean. He had saved for years and brought it to my house to proudly show it off. It was gorgeous. A work of art and a blast to ride in. I immedietly insisted that he tell NO ONE about getting the car. It was simply TOO COOL to become public knowledge. I then crafted a complex theme party involving terrorists siezing Doc Brown and his time machine. I somehow convinced Mike to convert his new baby into the car from the film. He did an awesome job and the end result was quite a site.

So whenever I come across a stray Delorean link on the internets I take a quick look. I found this link while doing some research about the new (and very cool) Batmobile. I forwarded it on to Mike who replied:

Very cool, Steve, but there are at least five or six DeLorean time machine reproductions that can drive on the highway under their own power. Most of then will be in Chicago next year, along with Bob Gale (one of the Back to the Future writers) and several BTTF cast members.

I'll be driving mine there.

As for DeLorean-related cool links, you might want to check out the projects of my friend Rich Wiesensal, as documented by aspiring movie producer Tamir Arden:
Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads.

Keep reporting on all things cool,

I bow to his superior Link-Fu. Go check it out.

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