Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Listening to words

The recent gathering in Washington D.C. was quite impressive. Sure, it didn't actually have 2 million participants. That apparently was a lie. But there were a LOT of angry (mostly white) people loudly venting their disapproval of our government and our President.

Good for them. That is their right. They apparently had a lot to complain about. For the moment, I'd like to set aside some of these people. The abortion protesters have an actual point in that abortion is still legal. They have a position and a stated goal. The Jesus freaks, well, they believe that the bible should run the show. Obama is a Muslim. They also have a position. It's crazy. but they are led by the book their invisible sky wizard gave them. Arguing with them is fruitless. In the immortal words of Dr. House "If you could reason with religious people, there wouldn't be any religious people.".

Then there are those who oppose a whole host of things the government is doing. You can tell this by the 10 second flashes shown on the news and the sound bites of people yelling. But what are these people actually saying? What do they actually believe? A young man apparently went through the crowd and talked to some of these people. And the results are so cringe worthy as to be physically painful.

These people traveled great distances, made signs, got up early and marched to protest things they have no fucking clue about. Seriously. These are dumb people. Now, it is possible that there were some well spoken people with well reasoned objections to certain government bills or policies. But I have never seen them. Where are they? Where are the ones who aren't screaming about death panels and socialism?

When I attended a war protest a few years ago there were certainly a wide range of opinions about our government. From reformers to anti-globalists to outright anarchists. But if you stopped and talked to them you would hear about why they wanted the war in Iraq ended. They knew about the bad intel, the lies, the smokescreen of Al Qaeda the torture of prisoners, warrantless wiretapping. I'm sure a few of them wanted the president overthrown because he secretly was a pawn of the Trilateral commission or the Freemasons, but they still KNEW THINGS based on FACTS. And the interesting thing was the makeup of the protest crowd. Young and old, white and black, Christian and Muslim. They were concerned about a people and a war that didn't affect many of them directly. After all, they weren't being bombed or rounded up and sent to CIA black sites. But the screaming heads on TV these days seem only to care about two things. Themselves and "their" America. To listen to them you'd think that is a brown shirted Obama Youth and FEMA camps for dissidents ready to materialize ANY SECOND. That their guns are already being taken away and government money is being spent right this second on free abortions for gay married couples. All over a burning Bible.

These are scared, stupid, people. And I have no idea how to counteract this level of stupidity. How can you have a discussion with them?

A few give lip service to the idea of making the world a better place for "the children". Hey Cletus, if you wanted a better world you might have spent less time breeding and more time educating yourselves and your offspring.


Ok, I'm gonna go over to cuteoverload.com now and lower my blood pressure...


tabitharasa said...

Holy moley, them there's some shupid people. Fascism and socialism are pretty much the same thing??? Uh-huh...

Oddly enough, these yahoos remind me of watching the evening news, in the late 70's - early 80's, with coverage of (predominantly male) Iranian crowds screaming "death to America." It really bugged me, as a newly-minted adolescent, that those protesters wanted me, my friends, family, my dog, and my countrymen dead. I mean, wtf, they didn't know me from Adam. How can you *want* a whole freaking country-load of fellow human beings dead? (Ah, youth!) And then I grew up.

These "teabaggers" *snort!* remind me of those "death to fill-in-the-blank" types. They don't know me, my family, my dog, from Adam, but they're so threatened by different beliefs (or different skin colors...), that they're unwilling to think for themselves, maybe use that brain that God gave them, and actually look up the facts -or the definitions of "fascism" and "socialism." ('Course, a dictionary is probably just a tool of the liberal elite to brainwash our children into sacrificing puppies to Satan.**)

**who is black, middle eastern, north korean, gay, educated, and also a woman.

grim said...

I wish these were just ignorant flag-slathered shit-tards, the fringe of society, but I get this sinking butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling that I see them all the time, gunning their SUV's on the way to church to get more political and scientific advice.

They are fundamentally disconnected from any semblance of reality. I argue with them that socialism, in which we pool our money for the good of all, is well represented on different scales by public roads, police and firemen, and public schools. They commonly reply that socialism is just evil, that it should be every man for himself and not a sliver of the fruits of their labor should ever help a neighbor in need.

These same people cry out for the removal of regulation on any business, as it saps profits in some imbalanced way. They refuse to acknowledge that unchecked, business will use it's money to influence government, which is the fascism that they long for, hoping that their personal belief system can get in on that game, and rather than give unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, they would give unto Caesar the commandments they so desperately wish to impose upon the freedoms of others.

How comforting it must be to feel always right, and righteous. How ego bolstering to know they can never be wrong, even in the face of conflicting truths. How simple life must be, when any fact that is not convenient, is irrelevant

I came to a fork in the path one day, and I, I took the less traveled path of logic and sanity, rather than the super-highway of delusional ego, willful ignorance and unreasoned hate. And though this path was far more difficult, it has proven itself to be reliable and satisfying, and that has made all the difference...

Anonymous said...

God Bless America. Land of the Free, Home of the Stupid. Gotta love those First Amendment Rights at work.

Sir Constantine.

Anonymous said...

I just get sick to my stomach. I am ashamed, I am embarrassed and I want to live in a cave and never see another soul. Lets all just run towards the social armaggedon we are heading for with arms wide open and get it over with. Unlike the presidents message...there is NO hope.