Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Strong Stuff..

A short but powerful article "Why I am an abortion doctor". It is a subject many would care to avoid. There are strong feelings on both side. I happen to feel many of the pro-life arguments are full of crap. It's amazing how they can scream about the sanctity of life and in their seal to protect it, they bomb, stab and shoot doctory.

You know, the people who spend a good chunk of their lives learning and then practicing medicine.

They are very keen to make abortion illegal, but have NO IDEA what to do with women who have them. Several studies have confirmed this. Check out this video that shows them absolutely stunned by the question "Should be prosecute women who get an illegal abortion?".

I'm tired of dumb people. We've tried letting dumb people run things. It didn't work out.

Lets give the smart people a try.


Anonymous said...

"Lets give the smart people a try."

I like it, but the trouble is the smart people don't tend to amass and multiply like the stupid...and the smart don't seem to have the liquidity that the stupid do...thus there's a severe limitation on the power of the smart.

Anonymous said...

So stupid damm the whole idea that Abortion should be illegal is so retarded. The lady passes the buck no thought seems to follow the general thinking (or lack of) the so called religious right packs around with them. Oh God called me yes and that is what they said about the Inquesition. sorry I cant spell for fuzzy grapes.

Anonymous said...

How can you give a rape victim the choice between raising their rapist's child, or prison time for murder? It's insanely cruel.

On another subject, almost all problems can be traced to overpopulation. Limited resources, our effects on the environment, all these things are based on population.

Ultimately, we will solve this problem, or we will suffer it's consequences. In the mean time, we are setting ourselves up for a fall of epic proportions.

Anonymous said...

That whole video was priceless. Now I know how to get them to shut the hell up.