Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I loose...

Well it looks like we won't be at Gulf Wars this year. (GW is the third largest SCA event around) Apparently we aren't good enough. We were good enough for four years, but in a terse email we were informed that our products didn't meet with the SCA pre-1600's time frame. It is true, our most popular selling corset is a Victorian pattern. We use period colors and material styles and make matching skirts, shirts and more. They look good. Also, many women wear then under their more period garb. We do make a more period design, but it doesn't as well because it's A) Not as pretty and B) Not as comfortable to wear.

I appealed to the Autocrat (the person who is in charge of the overall event) and asked for some leeway. But he seemed to have no testicles and meekly agreed with the period nazi who is in charge of merchanting. They claim that they are 'tightening up their standards' and I wasn't the only one who was reviewed. Really? I know at least one other merchant who sells stuff out of period and they haven't been given the boot. I think I will be sending my spies out to check on this situation to see if indeed anyone else is missing this year. I really suspect the reason we weren't asked back is that we had an argument with the Merchantocrat about a sheet wall she insisted we erect behind out booth last year. It was a stupid demand and we objected but in the end gave in. I try to be as polite and accommodating as I can.

And where did that get me? Hell I'm one of the most honest merchants I know. Really. I take my business very seriously. I bought a very nice tent to do this event specifically. I built a more period portable rack last year for this event. Meanwhile merchants who buy crap from China set up in barely disguised carports. Ahhhhrg.

I love the SCA and I have many friends in it, but sometimes people get way too high and mighty. It shouldn't bother me. There are other more profitable events I could do that don't involve two weeks on the road or camping. But I AM bothered. To be frank I take it as a personal insult. We own booths at three large Renaissance Fairs but aren't good enough for this event. Bah.


Anonymous said...

Honest merchant??? That is clearly out of period. Period nazis piss me off. Of course I'm lucky and not being a merchant can tell them to go fuck themselves if they get snide with me. Then again it is fun to counter-critique their garb and ask about the periodness of sewing machines.


Anonymous said...

Yay, petty politics from petty people. It is too bad that some cannot handle the authority entrusted to them in a professional and fair manner.

Allan Perry

Anonymous said...

The same kind of clueless SCAdian as the class coordinator who wanted to get the BATF involved because the subject of my class (mead) contained alcohol.

Hypocrisy and inequity are the surest ways to spike my mood to boiling. Why do we allow these sad and shallow persons to bolster their immature egos with authority?

Still, I would ascribe to the Teachings of Saint Gandalf, when he explained to Frodo why Bilbo did not just slay Gollum:

"Pity stayed his hand..."

Anonymous said...

Yikes! What a visual re-reading my post!

I can actually picture a hefty SCAdian in a dark dank cave of an apartment, caressing a framed copy of their "precious" AQA, occasionally breaking into a rant cursing the corset salesman for the attractive outcome of his sales.

"Curses the Ericses, we hates him forever!"