Friday, January 11, 2008

77 Drummers

This the kind of thing I would love to help make happen. A collection of 77 drummers who came together to create one large musical instrument. There is no profit motive. There is no product tie in. There is no CD. There are no sponsors or celebrity talking heads. Just a cool idea. If you've ever played in a drum circle you know it can be a total blast.


Ed Dale said...

They did something similar at the Inginuity festival downtown. It was a bit of a CF, to be honest, looking from the outside in. Perhaps if they try it again it will work.

Ed Dale said...

I had a thought. 8/8/08 is coming up. What do you think about putting together 88 drummers for a event on the beach at Huntington during sunset? That could be a really great visual / audio treat. We could drum down the sun, starting with full sun and drumming through an hour as the sun goes down. Do it in a round so noone gets too beat up by it.

It could be done with a middle eastern theme, as most people we know play dumbec. We get a couple of camcorders, with everyone having children there have to be a bunch of those. We start a bonfire. We record the entire event and put it up on YouTube.

What do you think?

August 8th is a Friday. CRAP you likely have a show. We could do it out in Geneva, near the fair, if that made more sense. Or, even weirder, we could try drumming up the sun, rather than down, out at your home. Spend all night Thursday getting psyched up for it, then Drum for an hour through Dawn, starting with the first blue tint and ending with full sun.