Friday, December 07, 2007


We're in New York City at the Anime Expo. I had thought the show was in January for some reason and was flip flopping on whether I wanted to attend. When I checked the website I learned that it was essentially 2 days away. On a lark I contacted the dealers coordinator and due to a last minute cancellation we had a space if we wanted it. 24 hours later we were packed and on the road. This show is a big unknown. Table space ain't cheap and there's another (cheap) corset company here.

But we had to get out, get away. Get busy. I've been in a slump and doing a show forces you into action. It forces you to deal with problems and solve them. So we're in New York, waiting for a shuttle bus to get us to the event site (we're actually in Jersey). Its late. The dealers are starting to get twitchy. We open in a little over an hour. Driving over is not an option. This city and its drivers make every attempt to remove you from the gene pool. Plus the cost to park are like a hot poker up the but. Unpleasant to say the least.

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Ed Dale said...

Glad to hear you have a show. Do you know where in Jersey you are staying? We have an office in Lyndhurst.

If the con is anywhere near Times Square, take a look at the building next door to the WWE theater. It is 5 Times Square, our headquarters downtown. Big Ernst and Young down the side. If you are there, looking at this 10 story tall sign, standing on the corner, think of this - I *COULD NOT* find that building, standing right where you are. I started to ask for directions, then my sub consious reached up and told me to not look like a fool, and instead walk around the block. When I got right back to the same spot, I smacked my forehead and entered the building.