Saturday, December 08, 2007


That's the only way to descibe this show. I'd like to blame poor managment or low attendance. But I can't. The event is well run and well attended. The sad truth is that anime fans don't have a lot of money. At least not enough for our product.

Its been a learning experience, to be sure. I used to think that trekkers wore a lot of body shape innapropriate stuff. I was wrong. But there a great deal of creativity in how they attempt to mimic their favorite manga. And anime seems to truly embrace a wider social and racial cross section. That being said there are a lot of guys dressed as chicks. If you're thinking of attending an event, just be ready for a sausage fest in schoolgirl outfits.

Althouth we had nothing to celebrate I insisted we take a cab to times square. It would be a shame not to see such a NY landmark. It's quite a feast for the eyes. Almost seizure inducing. We grabbed a couple of tasty slices and watched the Hari Krishnas dance. (I swear to the gods a guy dressed like Batman was dancing and singing right along with them. Keen).

For a panniced moment I thought my phone was lifted but it turns out I only forgot it at the convention center. I doubt tomorrow will be better but hope springs eternal. If anything I now know that Anime shows are not for us.


Kelley Holiday said...

At least you got a chance to hang in New York and it is all a business expense you can write off here at the tail end of the year :-D

Wishing you better luck today.

Ed Dale said...

Sorry to hear that this show has been less than profitable. Was it lack of fundage, or lack of interest?

Unknown said...

I could've told you that Anime fans are broke. They spend all their money on importing all sorts of crap from Japan with their favorite characters on it. There is an idea for you, make some corsets that have cartoon schoolgirls on it and say they're specially imported from Japan... oh and don't forget make the colors seizure inducing like bright blue and neon yellow next to hot pink... nah thats probably not such a good idea, perhaps it's best to just stay away from Anime cons altogether.